mandag 11. februar 2013

A lot of books

Yes, I've been reading even though I forgot to update this blog. I have read more books so far this year than I did at the same time last year. It's just so easy to forget to write about the books I read.

My seventh book this year was The Untold Story by Monica Ali. The book cover startled me a bit, since it looked a bit like Lady Di, but hey, it was Monica Ali who wrote the book. It couldn't be a book about her, could it? Well, I was wrong. It's not a true story of course, since in the book Lady Di just made up her own death to disappear and live a normal life away from the paparazzi's. And in the book Lady Di doesn't die in a car accident but she drowns. Still, the book is a surprising book from Monica Ali. I didn't expect her to write a speculative and dreamingly book about Lady Di. I can't help but to think about all the theories about how Elvis is still alive. It's not a bad book, and I like Ali's writing and her style. It's just the theme and the idea behind the book I don't like that much. And it might be a bit weird since I like the idea of somebody in trouble running from them and to be able to create a new life. I like the idea of the friends she meet, and the fact that they are willing to offer a lot to make her stay and be able to still live that life. But still, not her best book.

Jeg har også lest nok en grafisk roman, Den første dagen i resten av mitt liv av Ulli Lust. Hun utleverer livet sitt da hun som syttenåring reiste nedover i Europa. Dette er en helt usminket versjon og den sparer ikke på noen ting. Den er naken, rå og ærlig. Den falt absolutt i smak, og jeg innser at jeg bør finne fram til flere grafiske romaner, så om noen har noen anbefalinger, tar jeg dem gjerne. Dette er en sjanger jeg absolutt ikke er stø i.

The last book I read in January was Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. I still say I'm not that much into fantasy, and I still mean it even though I've read my fair share of fantasy. I've only read one book by Neil Gaiman before, Neverwhere, and I really liked that one. Anansi Boys is about two boys who grow up not knowing that they are brothers, or Fat Charlie doesn't know he has a brother. His brother on the other hand, knows. It appears that their father is a god and that his brother, Spider, has a lot of his fathers powers. I liked the book.

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