lørdag 3. oktober 2020

Redhead by the Side of the Road

 Redhead by the Side of the Road is yet another book by Anne Tyler about normal people. It starts with an observation of Micah Mortimer, a data repair guy who also fixes broken switches. Nothing big, just the small things to get by and have enough to pay rent and food. He likes his routines, and the start of the book is just like very detailed description of his life with nothing exciting happening, nothing out of the ordinary. Just a plain, boring life with a girlfriend, some clients and his daily routine. The way Anne Tyler just notices the details and states the unimportance in the life, just makes you reflect on people's life. Most people live a life like Micah Mortimer, and how it is so simple and insignificant in the big scheme of things. I don't know if it's the world's situation or what, but the ordinary life and the way Micah Mortimer is living his life quite happy doing so, ignorant of the opinion he should be unhappy, just made me feel this book. Maybe we should all just be happy with what we have and not always strive for something we don't have. The book just got to me, and I loved the simpleness of it and the story. Anne Tyler describes the interaction Micah Mortimer has with his girlfriend and his clients in such a beautiful way. Nothing big, but just what happens, and the reader can fill out the blanks. Loved this book. Such a good read! And it's on the Booker Prize Longlist this year too. 

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