tirsdag 1. februar 2011

Buying Books

Very soon it's the big annual book sale here in Norway, so it's not the best idea to buy books now, but it's never a bad time to buy books, is there? I got a gift sertificate for Christmas, and instead of waiting for the book sale, I decided to use it now! None of the books I bought are up for sale anyway, and since I've already stated there's no bad time to buy books, I might end up buying books on the sale as well. I guess I need books since my goal for this year is to read 104 books, not that I don't have any books at home or I don't have at least 104 books I haven't read at home. But a home is not a home without books, isn't that right? I guess my home is a real home considering the number of books in my home!

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