fredag 4. januar 2013

Lawyer up

In my line of work, teacher for kids, I read a lot of children's literature as well. Today at the library picking up children's books, I discovered that John Grisham had written a children's book. I like John Grisham's books and I have most of them. After checking at the net, I don't have his last three books for adults. I also discovered that he has written four books about Theodore Boone. I read the first one in Norwegian since my pupils are Norwegian. I don't know if the other three books about Theodore Boone are translated yet, but I hope they will be if they're not.

Grisham is a lawyer, and all of his books shows that he knows the system real well. This book is no exception. The main character is Theodore Boone with his lawyer parents. I think Grisham has created a boy who a lot of kids can identify with. He's smart, is curious and has a big interest in the justice department of course. It's a lot of facts about how a court works and I guess this book calls for a more advanced reader. At the same time he manages to create suspense and excitement. I think this book is going to thrill a lot of young readers and I am going to recommend this book to my advanced readers. And I'm going to read the next books about Theodore Boone myself. I think Grisham made a good children's book.

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