lørdag 26. august 2017


Wonder - it was on my list of books to read, but somehow I forgot it. Until this week when somebody reminded me of it existence again. It's truly a wonderful book. I loved it! Wonder is a book for kids, but it's the kind of children's book everybody ought to read.

August Pullman is born with a deformed face. His parents are trying to keep him from the hurting real world by home schooling him. When the story begins, they have decided it's time for Auggie to start public school. Kids can be real cruel to each other. But luckily they can be real understanding and wonderful as well. R.J. Palacio forces the reader to confront own prejudice, cause we all have them. We just need to face them and confront them once in a while and move on. How does looks make us treat people?

R.J. Palacio lets us see the story through August's eyes mainly, but also allows us to get some view into his sister, his sister's boyfriend and a couple for friends at school. The shifts in point of view gives us a deeper understanding for the whole story. It's beautifully told, and it really touches your heart.

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