onsdag 12. april 2017

13 Reasons Why

I have to admit I binge watched the series in two-three days from Netflix, and I was halfway through when somebody told me it was based upon a book. I should've known. So today I bought and read the book. Usually I like the book best. Usually I read the book before watching the series or movie. I don't know if the order decide which one I end up liking the best. But I have to admit this time I actually liked the series the best. I think the series made a really good version of the book. In some cases the series give more information than the book. Not common! But then again the format is special. Both the book and the series manage to switch the point of view between Hannah and Clay. Due to the story is mainly told through Hannah, the reader misses out on things. The series also uses Hannah, but since it has the ability to show us more than Hannah sees, we get to know more. It feels more complete in a way, which might seems a bit odd. But Clay in the series interact more and tells more of his side of the story in the series, since the series stretches the story more than the book. 

Maybe I should do a short recap of the story. Hannah lilla herself, in the book by overdosing on pills, in the series she slits her wrists. She leaves 13 tapes with reasons why. Clay listens to the tapes. Hannah's side of the story is told through the tapes while Clay is listening to them. Love the concept. I also think Jay Asher handles suicide with care. It's not an easy subject to touch. I think both the book and the series are important of more reasons than suicide, just check out how boys treat girls, the attitude of what is considered normal. Not Ok! If you haven't read or watched 13 Reasons Why, do it! 


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