torsdag 3. mars 2011

Winter's Bone Daniel Woodrell

Winter's Bone is a heartbreaking story without being heartbreaking if that makes sense. It's written more in a matter of fact than feel sorry for the main character. I still do, though. I've read that the environment the story is set, is Woodrell's childhood environment and therefor described believable. I think that's true. The setting is dark, poor and very far from the world as I know it, but I believe it when Woodrell writes about it. I admire Ree Dolly, she must be the toughest 16-year-old in fiction. She takes care of her brothers and her mother, and at the same time she tries to find her father so they don't lose their house and land. As a mum it's heartbreaking to think about a young girl taking care of the house and the family alone. I know it's a different world, but still my heart aches. I think this book was really well written, it's touching and it's tough.

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