torsdag 20. juni 2019


While reading this, I had to google if the story was actually was a memoir and based upon a true story. Some of the story seems almost too over the top to be true. But it is true. It is a novel based upon the life of the author Tara Westover. She grew up with a father who was probably undiagnosed bipolar and didn't trust authorities. Her mum learned to be a midwife from other women in the mormon society. And later she made a business out of making different oils to heal and cure people's illnesses and pain, since Tara's family didn't trust the science and doctors. And not trusting doctors, was almost fatal several times after some heavy accidents.  Sometimes the story just hurts too much to even think about how she got out and turned her life around, is amazing. Sometimes I just forgot it was a memoir. And to me that is a good thing, since I normally don't read a lot of memoirs and biographies. This book though, I would recommend. Well written and an amazing story.

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