fredag 21. juni 2019

Heads You Win

Heads You Win by Jeffrey Archer is another massive novel from him. As always in his books you follow two main characters, male, and they somehow migrate from one country to another, often one of the characters migrate to USA. This novel is not the exception, Alex Karpenko migrate from Russia to USA with his mother, or migrate, flee is more accurate. As always in his books, you follow the two character's life from they migrate and how they work hard to achieve their goals and build a new life for themselves. They struggle a bit in the start with no money, but they always end up doing better than most immigrants ever do, owning big hotel chains or leader for huge businesses or banks. This novel is no exception here either, Alex end up in a bank doing real well. The other main character, Sasja Karpenko, ends up in the UK and he is also making a better life for himself there. It's not that the novel lacks of plot or is not interesting to read, it's just I feel I have read it before. I have read a lot of Jeffrey Archer's books, and I don't think they are poorly written books at all. It's a reason I have read so many, but now I got a bit bored. Not because I didn't enjoy it, but it was all so known to me. I knew where he was going with the characters since he seems to follow the same pattern. And not even the little twist at the end was enough for me to think this novel was something extraordinary.  But it was good enough to entertain me the first afternoon in my summer vacation.

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