søndag 22. mars 2020


On Instagram there are regularly a reading challenge, you try to read at least 24 hours in 48 hours. Normally there are hourly challenges and check ins, but this time since we all are practicing social distance, it is more about digital socializing than prices. I joined in, and it's my second time. But this time I actually have time to do a lot of reading. So I have already finished a book, and are almost done with book number two. I also managed to remember to start my clock to time the hours I read. I love a challenge.

So far I have been reading Swedish crime from Stefan Ahnhem. He has written five books about the same detective, Fabian Risk. I haven't read any of them before now. The first one was good, well written and I liked the way he builds up the plot in the book. And yes, I will read the four other books in the series.

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