søndag 8. mars 2020

The Silent Patient

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides is a crime novel. I heard a lot of buzz about this book before I picked it up at my local library. Mostly positive, but some mediocre. I didn't really have any expectations at all, I hadn't read any plot synopsis before reading it. And I like it that way. It makes the book speak for itself in a way. Even though I heard buzz, I never clicked on any of the previews I just noticed it was a lot of talks about it and it was praised. But I didn't know the plot.

An acclaimed painter, Alicia Berenson is in a high-security criminal facility after killing her husband. She hasn't spoken a word after the killing. Theo Faber is a psychotherapist and he applies for a position at the facility, since he is somehow curious or looks at her as a challenge to get her to speak. The book reveals the back story bits by bits, both through the view of Theo Faber but also through Alicia Berenson's written journal. Is it really that obvious Alicia Berenson is the killer?

Alex Michaelides manages to keep the tension and thrill throughout the book. He builds the story up and reveals details after detail which makes it quite a page turner. I read the whole book in a day. And I have to say I didn't guess the plot, and was totally surprised. And I love to be surprised.

Recently I attended a crime festival in Oslo and Alex Michaelides was one of the guests. I was lucky enough to have him sign a copy of his book for me, and I heard him talk about writing the book. And I learned the movie rights has been bought and a movie is being planned.

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