fredag 14. januar 2011

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Last year I joined a group and challenged myself to read 52 books in 52 weeks. Since children took a big part of my life I really haven't been reading a lot. Life before children was a whole different matter. I read a lot, actually more than a lot! I was practically a reading machine;) LOL Well, children changed that. Unfortunately it didn't change my shopping habits as drastically as my reading habits. Some 8 years later I find myself in a house full of books I've bought, I want to read them and I think they are good books, but I just haven't gotten around to read them. So last year I thought it was time to get back to the books. I finished more than 52 books last year. But most importantly I actually found my reading spirit again. I'm always an optimist and since I did so well last year, I'm aiming for 104 books in 52 weeks this year! Yeah, I know it might be a bit too optimistic, but I never liked goals I knew I could reach. I love a good challenge.

I've started this year well and the first book I read was The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. I've read all of his books, and I have to say I didn't find this as well written as the others. I loved Angels and Demons. I also enjoyed The DaVinci Code, but The Lost Symbol was a lot of the same. Since I've read him before I could almost know for certain what was coming next in the book. Not that the intrigue and the "facts" about the Mason and every thing hidden underneath the White House wasn't interesting to read about, but I had a feeling I've read it before. He uses the same pattern in his other books, and even though it's fascinating to reveal hidden symbols and solve riddles, it can be too much. At least to me! Not the best book to start 2011 with.

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