fredag 14. januar 2011

On the Road

Not only have I challenged myself to read 104 books in 52 weeks, but part of the challenge is to read some of the books listed by The Telegraph among many. In other words, I'm trying to update my knowledge about the classic novels as well as the new books. I've had On the Road by Jack Kerouac in my book shelf a long time. Actually it's been in my book shelf so long the pages are kind of yellow instead of white. I don't even remember when I bought it, which is not a good sign. Well, I knew I tried to read it once before, but this time I was really determined to finish it.

I didn't have to be that determined. I don't know what stopped me the last time I tried, but I enjoyed the book. I liked the way the main character just longs for the road, to travel and I loved the way travelling was a completely different experience than it is now. The book has charm, and I can't believe it's not a movie yet, but it's coming. Hopefully the movie have kept the mood in the book, like always on the way to something or from something! This book I recommend you to read.

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