fredag 14. januar 2011

Free Fall

I read a lot of books for kids and youth due to my work as a teacher. Last year I started on the Tunnels series by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams. I liked it a lot. I didn't have the time to read book number three, so I read Free Fall this year. It's actually the weekest of the three books I've read so far, I think. I didn't like the plot around Rebecca that much, I didn't find it that believable. I won't say what, since I'm trying not to do spoilers in this blog. I still enjoyed it, and I'm going to read Closer as soon as I can get a hold of a copy! I'm too into this series and the underworld to let it go. I have to know what happens next, and Will Burrows is a character I like! I think these books will be well received by the audience it's meant to as well. They'll probably end up as movies as well.

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