mandag 31. januar 2011

The Postcard Killers

I've read books written by Liza Marklund earlier, but never any of James Patterson's books. Liza Marklund writes easy read crime books. Nothing wrong with it, but I tend to get a bit bored so I can't read many of them at a time. This book was in the same class as her earlier books. It's a good read when you don't want a book you have to think a lot about or challenges you to think. I like the idea of a book written through mail while the two writers sat in two different continents, that thought is awesome and shows me how far technology has developed. I love the idea of our world getting smaller and how easy it is to talk and work together across continents. Back to the book, it's about a killer or actually two killers who travels around killing couple while sending a journalist postcard about their killing. Nothing to new and original. I think the killers were a bit obvious and the characters of the killers didn't have enough depth to be revealed that early in the book. I didn't hate the book, I just know I'm not lining up in a queue to read James Patterson's novel.

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