tirsdag 14. mars 2017

A Spool Of Blue Thread

I have never read any book by Anne Tyler, so I didn't know what to expect. I've found out after I read the book that she has written a lot of books. I might read some more of her books. A Spool Of Blue Thread is quite a novel. It's a family story which starts with how Abby Whitshank fell in love with Red back in 1959. We follow their two daughters, Amanda and Jeannie and their two sons, Stem and Denny. Like all families they have their problems, conflicts and their happy moments. They all have their own story to tell, and Anne Tyler gives life to all of them. It's a nice book, and I enjoyed to read it. I like the way she writes and the way she makes her characters. Her characters are interesting, and in this book they have to be since the book just follows the characters through life. It's a calm book, yet it is driven forward by the characters. I enjoyed it!

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