lørdag 15. april 2017

Rag'n Bone Man

A little late, but better late than never. Yesterday Rag'n Bone Man held a concert at Melkweg in Amsterdam. Never been at Melkweg before, but a good venue. Max is 1500 people, which makes Melkweg about the same size as Rockefeller in Oslo. A club feeling, and not too big. Rag'n Bone Man did a good concert. His voice is something out of the ordinary, and he got the crowd going AS well. Even though he didn't connect that much with the audience during the first couple of songs. He sang them without intro or adressing the audience. But when he started talking, he had the crowd. During Skin and Human the singing from the crowd made him stop a bit. Well done, and I enjoyed it a lot. A huge extra compensation for missing out on the concert in Oslo, was that he actually walked passed the people lining up outside Melkweg to get in. I think everyone was taken by surprise and no one managed to get the phone up in time to get a picture. 


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